About Us

From our Founder, "Over the years while shopping at resale shops the coats always called out to me as blank canvases waiting to become wearable art. I had an idea. In a world full of disposable fashion, I can give these quality jackets a new and extended life by creatively modifying them. I began creating artistic custom clothing and loved that each piece was a 1-of-1 original. Upcycled clothing with inspirational quotes written on the front and back is a powerful thing to witness in public. The wearer inspires people as they simply walk by. I often add an eclectic mix of vintage patches and custom enamel pins. It makes the piece quickly feel like someone’s favorite statement jacket. I titled this project, Artwork For Humans, because I want the collection to be direct, unpretentious and approachable for anyone. The response has been phenomenal. Thank you to everyone who has already added a piece to their collection!"
At Artwork for Humans we feel the things you have in your life say so much about you. Our custom products speak volumes without you ever having to say a word.
Enhance your Living Experience!